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BrainWave Marketing provides a complete marketing solution, helping companies increase brand awareness, improve conversion rates, develop and implement SEO, PPC and other marketing strategies.

We use creative and effective methods that help us grow our clients' businesses

Brainwave Services...

…include personalised and custom made solutions, based on the needs of each of our clients. Our goal is to grow all businesses that we work with as it would be our own, therefore bring our best to every one of it.


Search Engine Optimisation

Organic growth for your business

Our goals with the SEO services are to find creative solutions for an organic growth of a client’s business. These include a variety of services that will help bring a business to a great spot in search engines, on terms related to their audience.

No SEO firm can continuously improve campaigns without collecting the right data and interpreting it properly. Our sophisticated, proprietary tracking and validation processes allow us to capture all the information we need to improve your lead and revenue generating results.

Some of our clients prefer us to perform SEO-related changes on their website, which our highly trained and versatile back-end developers are able to do in most cases.

No SEO campaign should be developed in a vacuum. Our SEO agency is very thorough in surveying the competitive landscape before and during all campaigns.

If you are not ready to dive into a full-blown SEO campaign, or if you want a fresh set of eyes to review your current SEO campaign in detail, then a consulting engagement with Esther Group could be the perfect starting point.

Today’s SEO campaigns rely heavily on high-quality content development. We have writers and editors with experience in most verticals, enabling us to create persuasive content without a lengthy learning curve.

We have more than two decades of experience executing campaigns for e-commerce firms of all sizes.

Very large organizations connect with us to support their in-house SEO campaigns by doing work they lack the time and/or talent to perform.

Interactive content – inquiry forms, online calculators, etc. – are quite powerful for link building. Our front-end developers create these tools on a daily basis.

Our graphic designers create infographics, landing pages and other design features that strengthen the link-building power of off-site content and the conversion power of on-site content in your SEO campaign.

All SEO campaigns stand or fall on the quality of their keyword research. With our depth of experience in so many industries, we have learned a great deal about the nuances of keywords that apply to particular businesses, helping us ramp up campaigns quickly.

Our experience and track record with lead generation SEO campaigns is second to none. We work with small, midsize and large organizations throughout the U.S. that seek dynamic growth in online sales lead production.

Local SEO campaigns are not just for businesses serving a single local market. Local SEO is also an effective component of broader scope SEO campaigns, when companies seek to penetrate new geographic markets, roll out new products/services, and fight off competitors in hotly contested areas.

You’ll find that BrainWave Marketing reporting is clear, detailed, KPI-focused and easy to interpret. We also provide you access to real-time online reports on our proprietary platform, so you can see how we are doing 24/7.

Tactical execution without a solid strategic framework never gets results. The first step in our campaign will be to ask a lot of questions so that we understand your business objectives, products, services, key selling points, major types of sales resistance, competitors – and anything else you can tell us that will help us create an SEO strategy that maximizes your strengths and minimizes any weaknesses.

Pay Per Click

Faster Results with PPC

These campaigns are effective in reaching potential customers in a short amount of time, and we’re experts in setting them up.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

More conversions for your budget

We work on getting the best results for our clients and we work thoroughly at their optimization of the conversion rate. We do that by doing research and audits on the clients’ website and campaigns, then fixing and improving them for better conversion rate.


Marketing Strategies

Well thought strategies are the secret behind the best performing campaigns and we’re experts in putting them together.

Our proprietary methodologies for qualitative information gathering, competitive analysis and primary market research give us a crystal ball to put you right where you need to be.

Do you have a CRM? Do you need one? We make Vision Venture accessible, and make sure it’s adding value to your organization, rather than just sucking up resources.

Is there a new set of prospect who can use your product or service? What about an underserved market adjacent to your current target? We’ll help you find out – and exploit the growth opportunity.

Your business is only as strong as your prospect and customer data. We make sure you get the exact information you need, exactly where you need it, as fast as possible.


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